Covid-19 Update

As we approach annual enrollment periods for Medicare and The Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”), we are still mindful of the necessity to exercise care when communicating with our clients and prospective clients. We will be using the follow methods of contact:

telephone – our phones will be answered from 8AM to 11PM except on Sundays, from noon to 11PM. We are allowed to take some enrollments via phone, but that varies from company to company

Zoom conference – request a Zoom conference for yourself, individually, or for a group.

Hello Sign/DocuSign – when you have decided on enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan or applying for other kinds of insurance, you may opt to receive and sign documents electronically.
U.S. Mail – It may be necessary to mail forms for signature. When received you may sign and either return via fax or text message.

Federal Express – when time is of the essence, we may send forms for signature via FEDEX.

Regardless of how we connect, please be mindful your place in any space, and remember the three Ws: Wear a mask; Watch your distance; Wash your hands.


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